Balder owns, develops and manages residential properties. Fælledkanten is a newly constructed property and the most recent one in the Balder portfolio.

Balder is a versatile property management company, as we manage the entire value chain, including construction of brand new properties as well as subsequently managing and renting these out. We only build properties which we have to manage afterwards ourselves. We therefore strive to ensure the highest quality. With our own personnel, we take care of both maintenance, management and administration. We strive to be close to our tenants in an effort to create attractive and safe living environments.

Balder originated in Sweden, with our headquarter in Gothenburg. Today we have offices and properties in Denmark, Norway and Finland, where we further own, manage and develop residential and commercial properties as well as hotels. In Denmark, we currently own approximately 1,550 apartments spread across 7 different properties in the greater Copenhagen area. In addition to existing properties, we have more than 1,000 apartments under construction in Southern Ørestad and in Hedehusene, which will be ready during the next couple of years. If you do not manage to find an apartment that matches your needs in Fælledkanten, then there are several other Balder apartments to choose from. Read more about Balder and see all apartments here.

With Balder as a landlord you will have

  • Unlimited rental period
  • Possibility to keep pets
  • Own staff to service the property
  • Discount scheme with a focus on “convenience” to create an easier move and everyday life for you

223 great apartments
in Fælledkanten

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All tenants will be checked in RKI. You will not be able to rent an apartment if you are registered in RKI.